Take a "glimpse" of our rail line -- past and present!

The most famous RR in the Minnesota river valley was the M&STL, the "Tootin Louie", because of the young man who was station agent at North Redwood.  In this collection of photos, past & present, you will see the bridge that Richard Sears watched trains come from and to the west from his station at North Redwood.  We know the story of the young man and his family and their association with North Redwood. He went on to establish the largest catalog business in the world that exists today as "Sears" . It is important that we look at the legacy of our forefathers and what they started right here in the "gulch."

We have posted photos of our 2011 Rehab project and past projects as well.  By the end of 2012, we completed rehab on our rail line from Norwood Young America to Winthrop, approximately 32 miles which leaves another 62 miles to go! " I think I can, I think I can"!

In 2018, we completed doing rail relay from Winthrop to Gibbon!  We now have completed 40 miles of rail!

Our operator is Minnesota Prairie Line -- their sister line is the Twin Cities & Western which runs along Highway 212 -- They celebrated their 25th Anniversary in July of 2011 and brought down the Duluth excursion train as part of their celebration.  We took the train ride from Glencoe to Cologne and back, and then they also did a run from Glencoe to Wegdahl and back.  Very nice scenic ride and fun experience!