Right of Way Applications & Forms

Omega Rail Management is under contract with MVRRA to handle the processing and review of ALL our ROW Applications.  Once they have completed their due diligence, your application will be brought to MVRRA for final review and approval on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at their regular board meeting.   Please plan far enough in advance so the required time is allowed for processing of your application PRIOR to you doing any work, installation, or digging in our ROW.
Omega Rail Management is a leading provider of advanced real property management solutions to right of way corridor owners, managing properties in over 20 states. Since 1997, Omega has partnered with corridor owners to maximize the value of their real property and manage property-related liabilities. Omega's broad service offering leverages over 15 years of corridor property management experience and leading technology platforms. Omega custom designs a property management solution for each customer based on a deep understanding of its particular objectives, resources and constraints. Omega delivers superior results and provides corridor owners with greater financial and operational capacity to meet their core objectives.


If your community or company is in need of a utility crossing in our ROW or along our ROW, or an upgrade to your existing crossing, you need to complete a ROW application with us for seeking approval prior to work in our ROW.  MVRRA contracts with Omega Rail Management for this process. 
You will need to Click here to start their online process with them. They gather all the information for the ROW application, review it, and complete their due diligence as quickly as you provide them all the information they request with your application, and then MVRRA reviews the applications at our regular monthly meetings -- the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. either in Gaylord on the odd months, and Redwood Falls on the even months!

Thank you!
McKenzie Fischer,  MVRRA Administrator

Right of Way applications

Omega Rail Management provides real estate management services for Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority.  Please contact Omega Rail Management for new application processing or inquiries on existing agreements.  Thank you!  
Preston Brown, Contract Originator
Omega Rail Management, Inc.
109 Westpark Drive, Suite 440
Brentwood, TN  37027-5063

Phone: 800-990-1961
Direct:  615-810-0317

2023 Visitor Liability Release Form

If you are interested in doing anything in our ROW, this form must be completed. Please print, complete, sign and date and either scan and email, or mail the form to our office. Click HERE to print the form!

Thank you!
McKenzie Fischer, MVRRA Administrator